Terms and Conditions

When making a purchase in the thewineboxporto.com site, you warrant agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Any alcoholic beverage available for sale in the online store thewineboxporto.com can only be purchased by individuals of legal age to do so in their country of birth and do not have any impediment or legal restrictions that make it impossible to buy alcoholic drinks;
  2. thewineboxporto.com reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, information and commercial offer presented on: products, prices, promotions, commercial conditions and services. The images that illustrates each product may differ from the subsequently delivered product, these same products are also subject to stock of rupture.
  3. Despite thethewineboxporto.com efforts, some products may present an inaccurate price, which is why thethewineboxporto.com checks prices wherever shall process the orders. Consequently, prices displayed on the site are indicative only and do not constitute an offer. If the actual price of the product is less than the advertised price, thewineboxporto.comreturn the difference. If the price is higher, thethewineboxporto.com informs the client of this situation by email and wait for their decision to accept the new price or cancel the order within 15 days from the date it was sent the email.
  4. If an order cannot be met in part or in full, the customer will be immediately contacted by our Customer Service in order to find the most appropriate solution. Orders will be processed only after the actual receipt of the payment, only the order itself does not constitute a reserve of products.
  5. Prices quoted are for 75 cl bottles, unless the product description mentions another capacity;
  6. All prices shown virtually thewineboxporto.com subject to change without notice and are subject to stock outs;
  7. According to the current Portuguese legislation, thewineboxporto.com is forced to add VAT tax of 13% and 23% for all products. Prices shown include VAT at thewineboxporto.com. VAT can be deducted by public or private companies with legal registration in an EU country;
  8. Special promotions launched in the online store thewineboxporto.com may not apply to the physical store “The Box Wine – Wine & Tapas“;
  9. For all orders placed through thewineboxporto.com, payment must be confirmed within 15 days, otherwise the order is automatically cancelled;
  10. All products sent by thewineboxporto.com should be examined by the customer immediately upon receipt. In case of any defect, the customer must return the shipping company, explaining the reason for the return on the transport document and immediately notify thewineboxporto.com;
  11. thewineboxporto.com assumes the responsibility of remittances to countries with alcoholic restriction laws, or where they are simply prohibited. In this case, the seizure of goods is entirely the responsibility of customers. In case of return of goods, thewineboxporto.com only refund the cost of products;
  12. thewineboxporto.com advises all its customers to obtain information of the customs of their own country;
  13. thewineboxporto.com recognizes the right of all customers to resolve the contracts, allowing the return within 14 days of purchased products in accordance with Portuguese Law 143/2001 and Law 82/2008 20-05;
  14. thewineboxporto.com belongs to TWBPORTO, LDA Address: Rua dos Mercadores, 72 – 4050-374 Porto – Portugal, Phone: +351222034100+351918832122
  15. All purchases made in the thewineboxporto.com site are subject to Portuguese law. Any dispute or difference in interpretation of the General Conditions of Online Sale will be submitted to the competent Portuguese court.
  16. If the customer is outside of the Portuguese mainland, the thewineboxporto.com announces from the outset that any legal proceedings should be initiated only in Portuguese Courts.
  17. Under the terms and for the purposes of art. 18 of Law No. 144/2015, of 8 September, we reported that the available ADR entity is the Arbitration Center of Consumer Disputes of Lisbon, with the following contacts: Address: Rua dos Douradores, No. 108, 2 and 3, 1100-207 Lisboa. Phone: 21 880 70 30. Fax: 21 880 70 38. Site: www.centroarbitragemlisboa.pt

These online sales general conditions are subject to change without notice and should therefore be consulted prior to any order.